Advanced connectivity for more sustainable forestry management and efficient mill operations

Seamless global connectivity and impactful communication solutions that enhance production while facilitating responsible, safe, and sustainable forestry outcomes. 

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Sophisticated dual-mode technology delivering seamless connectivity

When you’re overseeing a team of lone workers, optimizing environmental efforts, or streamlining mill operations, our comprehensive mobile communications solutions are engineered to meet your diverse forestry needs. Our innovative hardware, software, and IoT/M2M solutions offer advanced connectivity, remote monitoring and sensing, and real-time insights to maximize precision forestry, overall production, and asset safety—in the forest and at the mill.

Impactful communications solutions built for forestry management

Whether your operation is in the woods or at the mill, crewed or autonomous, or global or local, we are committed to connecting any asset to any operation, anywhere.


Advanced infrastructure

Cutting-edge satellite infrastructure and cloud-based software deliver customized connectivity solutions that transform your forestry operations.

Enhanced safety and operational efficiency

Low size, weight, and power (SWaP) hardware solutions provide global visibility to enhance asset protection in the field while reliable, cloud-based platforms offer comprehensive insights for real-time situational awareness.

Reliable insight

Proven and dependable real-time analytics and information for proactive decision-making, enhanced environmental outcomes, optimized replanting efforts, and more efficient mill activities. 

Connecting your high-value assets, anytime and anywhere

Our solutions are built using the best networks, hardware, and software, and designed for comprehensive connectivity and asset visibility to meet your precise forestry needs.

SkyLink 5100

Land-based satellite communication solution delivering voice and data connectivity, powered by Iridum Certus®

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Tactical Box: SkyLink

Delivers mission-critical communications from any location on the planet, with the added protection of a...

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SkyLink Battery Pack

Enables portable connectivity of SkyLink for comms-on-the-move applications and uninterrupted communications in the event of...

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Comprehensive communications and greater asset visibility for precision forestry

Blue Sky Network leverages mobile satellite and cellular communications to design dual-mode low size, weight and power (SWaP) solutions that enable greater connectivity and faster efficiency for your forest management operations.

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Mobile-to-mobile terminal communication

Comprehensive low size, weight, and power (SWaP) hardware, sensors, and IoT solutions communicate effortlessly to deliver a suite of IoT/M2M capabilities and seamless connectivity throughout the supply chain.

Total visibility and coverage

Blue Sky Network’s cloud-based monitoring and configuration portal offers total visibility and advanced connectivity to track harvest, monitor field-based assets, and communicate with personnel, like never before. 

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Comprehensive approach 

Our comprehensive and complete portfolio of satellite-based satellite tracking systems, software solutions, two-way devices, and hardware are ideal for forestry communications of all sizes.

Iridium Tier 1 Partner

As a proud Iridium-authorized Tier 1 Service Partner, Value-Added Reseller, and Service Center, we work as an extension of Iridium to design and develop products that complement and enhance the power of the satellite network.

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Find the right solution for your business

Put the power of our SATCOM solutions in your organization’s hands. Contact Blue Sky Network to learn more about our solutions, and demo how our services can solve your forestry communications challenges.

Reliable, global connectivity for enhanced operations

Satellite Voice

We understand, firsthand, the importance of reliable, high-quality voice communications in the most remote areas of the globe. Our voice services include calling, push-to-talk (PTT), and both pre- or post-paid specific plans across a range of Iridium-enabled devices.

Iridium SBD

Our proven solutions leverage Iridium SBD® to provide instant two-way messaging and frequent short data transmissions anywhere in the world. The simple and efficient packet-based service uses small, lightweight, low-power modules to enable seamless communication, especially in geographically isolated locations.

Iridium Certus®

We offer access to the only truly global, mobile satellite service on the market at the highest speed. This flexible, evolving platform provides weather-resilient L-band connectivity that powers a combination of devices with service speeds ranging from 22 Kbps to 704 Kbps.

Prepare to transform your forest management system

Download the SkyLink 5100 brochure to see how our advanced, dual-mode communications solution can be put to forestry practice.

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Sustainable precision forestry through advanced connectivity

Blue Sky Network solutions ensure forestry operations are steps ahead with up-to-the-minute situational awareness and fleet management solutions, enabling peak productivity. From customizable analytics to seamless integration, our SkyLink 5100 IoT device makes it possible to monitor timber and logging vehicles and optimize forestry management performance. This innovative solution delivers real-time insights, empowering proactive decision-making to seamlessly integrate machine-to-machine (M2M) datalink and telemetry, all while supporting lone worker safety through a variety of handsets and trackers designed for complete personnel protection.

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Connect with the right partner

Our industry-leading solutions are available via a robust network of partners around the world. Get in touch with a SATCOM expert and let us help you solve your organization’s connectivity challenges today. 

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