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SkyLink Citadel

Blue Sky Network Announces Premium Safety on the High Seas with SkyLink Citadel

Purpose-built Iridium Certus 100® Anti-Piracy Solution Available for Maritime in Q1 2023

SAN DIEGO, CA, November 16 2022 – Blue Sky Network announced that its SkyLink Citadel, a premium anti-piracy communications solution for sea farers, will launch and be available for purchase in Q1 2023. Unlike similar solutions, Citadel provides High-Definition (HD) crystal clear audio and access to mid-band data for onboard computers. The solution includes a dedicated SOS switch, battery backup power, and standard GPS tracking of the vessel.

The SkyLink Citadel is comprised of a ruggedized outdoor unit containing the SkyLink device and an antenna, which is connected to a single purpose-built cable that runs to a lockable cabinet in the safe room. The cabinet houses a dedicated handset, SOS switch, and Ethernet connection point. Data rates to and from the ship are 88 kbps upload and 22kbps download, enabling users to send messages, files, and email.

“Our SkyLink Citadel is a transformational shift from the typical anti-piracy solution,” said Tucker Morrison, CEO, Blue Sky Network. “The high-quality voice makes for clear communications, and when combined with the low-latency, provides an experience like a standard cell phone call. The increased data speeds off the ship, plus battery back-up, are essential for emergency situations.”

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About SkyLink
The SkyLink ecosystem consists of lightweight, small form factor systems, and unique web-based applications that deliver connectivity and a suite of networking capabilities to and from any place on Earth. The SkyLink Cloud Services platform provides a powerful set of management tools for remote terminal management, diagnostics, and health monitoring. In addition, mission-critical information can be captured, disseminated, and displayed in a secure online portal. Customizable reports, activity alerts, and dashboards work around the clock, ensuring important data is recorded in real time for complete situational awareness.

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About Blue Sky Network
Blue Sky Network is an industry-leading provider of mission-critical fleet management, business continuity, and operational analytics solutions, serving commercial and government customers worldwide. Founded in 2001, Blue Sky Network is the partner of choice to track, manage, and optimize high-value assets in real time anywhere in the world for improved safety, reliability, and operational efficiency. Headquartered in San Diego, California, with dealers in over 50 countries, the company holds Anatel certification and maintains offices in São Paulo, Brazil, and Scottsdale, Arizona. Learn more:

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