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Condition-Based Alerts for Real-Time Updates

Condition-Based Alerts for Real-Time Updates

SkyRouter, Blue Sky Network’s cloud-based fleet management solution, has the flexibility to send custom alert messages to fleet managers and other operational stakeholders. These SkyRouter Smart Alerts deliver important geofence notifications in real-time via SMS, email, or automated voice message, providing detailed updates anytime, anywhere.

The SkyRouter system can be configured to send Smart Alerts with different message and format types depending on the recipient or group. These alerts can also be attributed to either a single asset or number of assets depending on the jobsite or mission needs.

Smart Alerts

A key differentiating feature of the Smart Alert system is the ability to combine multiple input event conditions. SkyRouter’s AND/OR logic can be applied to multiple input events, generating an alert only when these conditions are met. An example of this would be to send an SMS message to the fleet manager when a vehicle enters a geofenced area AND the ignition is turned off. Another would be to send an email to the command center when a vehicle exits its inclusion zone (a designated geofenced location) OR enters a different geofenced area.

The Smart Alert capabilities combined with other customizable fleet management features make SkyRouter a world-class monitoring, analytics, and communication system for land, sea, and airborne assets.

Click here for information on SkyRouter Smart Alerts.

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