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Continuous Coverage with Dual-Mode Services

Continuous Coverage with Dual-Mode Services

Truck Driving on Remote Road

No matter where your missions take you, our dual-mode service technology allows you to seamlessly switch from satellite to cellular and back again for continuous, reliable coverage, anywhere in the world.

Blue Sky Network uses Iridium’s low-earth orbit (LEO) network for faster transmission, lower latency, and shorter registration time compared to the more traditional geostationary (GEO) satellites. The Iridium satellites are located closer to earth, for a clearer connection in any location, terrain, or weather condition.

When in cellular range, your dual-mode Blue Sky Network system will identify all available service carriers in your area and connect to the network with the strongest signal. This enables your assets to stay moving without operational disruption or interference between field workers and home base.

“Not every operation is going to fit into a one-size-fits-all solution, and that’s where our dual-mode technology comes into play. Whether it’s the first responder entering a rural area or truck driver passing through farm country, we have them covered,” states Ron Hume, CTO of Blue Sky Network.

Dual-mode services are available for land-based applications and are supported by our cloud-based fleet management platform, SkyRouter.

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