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Where to Place a Portable Tracking Device

Device Location

Blue Sky Network Portable Tracking devices require a good view of the sky in order to operate optimally.  We recommend that the device is placed in a location where it will have a completely unrestricted view of the sky; in an aircraft or vehicle we recommend that the device maintain a clear line of sight to the horizon and directly above.

Things to consider when placing your device:


Iridium and GPS signals travel by line of sight, meaning they will pass through clouds, glass, wood and plastic but will are reflected by solid objects such as metal and absorbed by water.  Avoid placing your tracking device below the windscreen brace, against posts, or behind other metal objects.  Every effort should be made to achieve maximum visibility at all times.

Avoid powering off your tracking device when the devices line of sight is obstructed (hangar, maintenance bay, garage etc), this can cause the device to queue reports due to insufficient signals; queued reports will be delivered next time the device is powered on and has signals (NOTE: queue space is limited and reports can be lost).


All wireless devices including Iridium/GPS tracking devices are susceptible to RF (radio frequency) interference from other devices.  Avoid placing your tracking device next to other GPS devices and equipment such as compasses, radar devices, transponders, VHF radios and high power lines.

Heated Windscreen

Heated windscreens normally have an electric element across or around the screen, these heating elements may interfere with GPS and Iridium signals, this can cause intermittent tracking and delays in reports being sent to the SkyRouter systems.

If you have heated windscreens we recommend placing the unit near another window which does not have heating elements.

Still having issues?

If you have observed the guidelines indicated in this document but you are still experiencing issues, please contact Blue Sky Network Technical Support for further assistance.  Please provide as much detailed information as possible, such as:

  • IMEI/Serial number of the device
  • Photograph of the installation location and device
  • What type of aircraft/vehicle is the device in and does it have heating elements in the windscreen?

Blue Sky Network Technical Support: +1 858-551-3894 [email protected]