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4 Insights on the Future of Connectivity with CTO Ron Hume

Last month, Blue Sky Network’s CTO Ron Hume engaged in an impactful discussion on the future of connectivity with the European American Chamber of Commerce New York chapter. This podcast explores the societal, economic, and cultural benefits and challenges that arise as we progress toward a more connected world.

Listen above or read below for 4 key insights!

1.The business need for satellite connectivity has shifted from observational to participatory

Historically, employees in central, well-connected locations such as a headquarters used satellite connectivity to track their remote assets. Now, those who need to access mission-critical data and communicate with staff in the field are also remote, sometimes without the connectivity they were accustomed to.

2. The technology that drives connectivity is becoming smaller, more portable, and more affordable

Satellite technology is moving from an era of very expensive, giant dishes to the same miniaturization we have seen in cell phones. We now have satellite terminals, including the SkyLink device from Blue Sky Network, that are small enough to fit in your pocket and operate omnidirectionally while providing users with the same IP data connectivity at a cost-effective price.

3. Functional innovation tends to happen well before security measures are in place

A common pattern with connectivity in general is that you gain access to a feature or function before security measures are in place. Implementing strong best practices and training your workforce can help reduce your security risks while you’re online.

4. Connectedness allows for surveillance, and that’s not always in your best interest

Growing demand for instant connectivity means internet and cellular providers gain more access to user information. Further, there are areas of the world in which communicating by using the in-country provider could risk the safety of your team and operations.

At Blue Sky Network, we manufacture satellite terminals and partner with Iridium to offer encrypted, direct, and secure communications, enabling effective collaboration among your enterprise and global colleagues.

Increased access to connectivity solutions is a net positive for society, but it’s important to remain risk-aware when you’re constantly online. Implementing strong mitigation strategies and solutions can also help minimize the threat to both your business and personal information.

At Blue Sky Network, we’re passionate about providing our customers with secure global connectivity—even in the most remote, austere environments. Explore our innovative, award-winning satellite solutions here and achieve enhanced efficiency, asset safety, and operational success.