SkyRouter Training

How to create and assign profile sets

The Device Profile page allows Administrators to manage the profiles for their devices. Profiles allow Users to customize what appears on interface devices such as the ACH1000 or the HawkEye Link application, such as Short Code values and speed dials. Profiles also provide or restrict access to certain features as defined in the Profile.

Different devices can use different profile features. See the User Guide for your product to see which profile options are available. Profile Sets can be assigned for families of products, and can configure features such as setting short codes, speed dials and flight plans.

Watch the training video below, or continue on to read the instructions.

Create and Assign a Profile

The general process to create and assign a profile is as follows:

  1. Create the profile set based on the product family you wish to assign the set to.
  2. Adjust the settings to your liking.
  3. Assign the profile set to a device via the ‘Device Profile Assignments’ page.
Create a Profile Set:
  1. Select
  2. Enter a Profile Name
  3. Select a Profile Type from the drop-down menu (the option you select here will depend on the device type)
  4. Select 
Edit a Profile Set:
  1. Select
  2. Edit the Device Profile, selecting any options as required
  3. Enter a modification note if necessary
  4. Select
Assign and Send a Profile:

NOTE: Devices must be powered on and have sufficient Iridium signal to receive Profile updates.

  1. Navigate to Device Profile Assignments
  2. Select
  3. Use the drop-down menu to select a device profile assignment
  4. Click

Manage Your Profile Assignments

The Device Profile Assignments page allows users to change which profile is currently assigned to an asset, and to resend device profiles to an asset.  It also provides the “Last Modified” date which indicates the last time a profile was changed.

To Change a Profile Assignment:
  1. Click
  2. Use the drop-down menu to select a device profile
  1. Click , the device profile is sent to the asset.
To Resend a Device Profile:

Click at any time to resend the current assigned profile to an asset.

To Check Your Profile History:

To see a detailed log of profile updates and other mobile terminating messages click

To Send Latest Changes to Device:

This button only appears when a Device Profile set has been modified but the updated profile has not been sent to an assigned device.  Click to immediately send the most recent device profile to the asset.