SkyRouter Training

How to customize map types and map overlays


SkyRouter uses the Google Maps platform. There are two types of maps available in SkyRouter; Standard Map (default) and Satellite. Use the Map Selector (top left of any map window) to choose a Map Type.


Overlays are layers that can be enabled to show additional information on the map; overlays are layered directly on top of the SkyRouter Maps.

The Overlay button appears in the top right corner of every map window (individual control for each map window in multiple map configurations). Click the Overlay button to access the Overlay controls.

The layers control shows a full list of the available Overlays. Click the eye  icon to enable or disable an Overlay. Click the opacity  icon to show a slider, adjust the slider bar to change the level of opacity for that overlay (opacity percentage is displayed next to the overlay name). The opacity option is especially useful when there are multiple overlays in the same area.

The order control shows a list of enabled overlays. Click the arrow icon and drag up/down to re-order the overlays, the order that overlays are shown in the list represents the order that they will be overlaid on the map (top overlay is applied last and will show on top of other overlays).