SkyRouter Training

How to log in to your account

SkyRouter Login

After purchasing a Blue Sky Network product, you are sent an email that tells you how to login to the SkyRouter 3 system. This email is sent to your registered email address, and contains a link to the login page and your SkyRouter UserID.

Important: It is not recommended to have two users logged into your UserID and editing settings at the same time. Settings are instantly saved on the server and synchronized to each client, this can cause the appearance of settings changing themselves (e.g. enabling/disabling asset tags.)

To Log In to SkyRouter 3:
  1. Launch your browser and type into the address box.
  2. On the Login page, enter your UserIDThis is the UserID which was sent in your welcome email.
  3. Enter your password. NOTE: If this is your first time logging into the system; you are not automatically sent a password, you will need to use the password reset feature to generate a temporary password which will be sent to your contact email address.
  4. Choose a site language.
  5. Click ‘Sign In’.

Password Reset

SkyRouter can send you a temporary password via the Password Reset feature (also unlocks the UserID).

To Reset a Password:
  1. On the Login page; click ‘Forgot Password’
  2. Enter the UserID
  3. Enter the email address registered with the account
  4. Click Reset Password; you should receive a temporary password email shortly.

Account Lock

After 5 unsuccessful login attempts a UserID will enter a “locked” state.  It will not be possible to log into that account. You will need to either unlock your account by answering the “Security Question” (if one has been set) or by performing a Password Reset.

The security question can be set in your SkyRouter settings and must be set prior to the account becoming locked out.  If you have not defined a security question you will need to reset your password to access your UserID.

To Unlock a UserID:
  1. On the Login page; enter your UserID
  2. Enter your Password
  3. Answer your security question
  4. Click Unlock Account

Account Unlock

After 5 failed login attempts SkyRouter accounts will enter a locked state, the next login attempt will present an account unlock question.  Answer the account unlock question to unlock your account (password will not change during this process).

The security question answer cannot be viewed after it has been set, so it should be something that you remember.  You can update your security question and answer at any time when logged into SkyRouter.

To Set a Security Question:
  1. When logged into SkyRouter 3; click Settings.
  2. Click Security.
  3. Locate the Account Unlock Question section; enter a security question of your choice.
  1. Enter a security Answer.

  1. Enter your Current Password.
  2. Click Change Unlock Question.