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How to manage your account users


SkyRouter Corporate Administrators can add sub-Users at no extra cost.  Sub-Users are able to access only those features which they have been given access to by the Corporate Administrator. For example; a sub-User in the dispatch office may only have access to the Track page, whereas a sub-User in the finance department might only have access to Invoices and Reporting features.

NOTE: Any changes made to user permissions are applied at the next user login.

Add User

To Add a New User:
  1. Click
  2. Complete the New User Form
  3. Click
  4. The User is created and a welcome email is sent to the user with a temporary password.

Edit User

To Edit an Existing User:
  1. Use the checkboxes to the left of the Username to select a user
  2. Click
  3. Make any necessary modifications to the user
  4. Click

Reset Password

To Reset a Password:
  1. Use the checkboxes to the left of the Username to select a User or multiple Users
  2. Click
  3. A temporary password is sent to the email address on file for each User. 

Permissions and Account Flags

When creating and editing sub-users Administrators have the ability to control which features the User has access to, including the ability to configure  the tracking, reporting and communicating features.

NOTE: Permission changes do not take effect until the user reloads the application.