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How to manage your groups


Groups in SkyRouter3 are typically used to control Corporate User (sub-user) visibility to specific devices; they are also used to assign Alerts for specific devices.  SkyRouter Groups are only visible on the SkyRouter Administrator Account.

Each device in the devices list shows a preview of the groups it is a member of. To configure and view your groups, go to Manage > Groups. Groups can be set to have the same device parameters. Your assets can be grouped in any configuration of your choosing.

Groups Concept

Any User that is assigned to a valid SkyRouter Group will have visibility to any Devices that are assigned to that Group.

Any Alerts that are assigned to a Group will trigger for Events sent by any Devices that are assigned to that Group based on the Alert settings.

The figure below visually represents a group:

Managing Groups

To Create a Group:
  1. Click
  2. Enter the Group Start Date and End Date
  3. Use the relevant links to add Users, Alerts and Devices to the group (note: a Group must contain at least one User, failure to add a user will result in an error)
  4. Enter any necessary comments
  5. Click Save
To Modify an Existing Group:
  1. Click the icon
  2. Modify the Group information, add or remove Users and Alerts from the Group by clicking the appropriate links.
  3. Click Save
To Delete a Group:
  1. If you want to delete a Group (that has not expired) from your list, click the icon.

Group Expiration

A Group which is created with no defined End Date will never expire. Specifying an End Date on a Group will cause the Group to expire on that date, this can be helpful if you only wish to provide time-based access for specific Users to specific Devices.

Expiration Emails

SkyRouter Administrators and affected SkyRouter Users are notified about Group Expirations by a Group Expiration Email.  Group Expiration Emails are sent to the personal email address (Settings > Contact Info) of Administrators and Sub-Users on the following schedule:

  • 7 days in advance of the Group expiration
  • 3 days in advance of the Group expiration
  • When the Group expires