SkyRouter Training

How to set up alerts and trigger events

The SkyRouter 3 system can monitor your device activity for “Trigger Events” and notify you by email or SMS message. Trigger Events are Events that trigger an Alert Email or SMS message when received by SkyRouter.

Types of Alerts

Email type alerts support all types of email addresses including email to SMS systems.

SMS type alerts support sending SMS messages to over 1,000 carriers around the world. If you are unsure of our support of your particular carrier please contact support and we will check on it for you. Using this type of alert may incur and additional cost.

Managing Alerts

The Following should be considered when creating and managing alerts:

  • Alerts are messages that are automatically sent out to defined recipients based on triggering conditions.
  • Alerts are triggered when assets in the assigned Groups send Events that are Alertable.
  • Several different types of alerts are supported including Email, and SMS.
  • SMS Messages will come from the following number: +18584375400
  • SMS Messages will be charged a rate of US$0.25 each to North American numbers and US$0.50 each to all other locations.
To Add an Alert:
  1. Click the “Define New Alert”
  2. Enter the Alert data in the Define New Alert form – this will set the Trigger Event
  3. Click Save
To Edit an Alert:

Click the icon.

To Delete an Alert:

If at any time you wish to delete an alert; click the icon.

WARNING: Deleted Alerts are non-recoverable.

Sort and Search

The Sort and Search options in the top right of the Manage Alerts page allow users to search or sort Alerts.  Sort by Alert Name, Type or Triggering Event by clicking the button, and sort ascending/descending by clicking the button. To Search; enter a keyword into the search field and click .

Alert Log

SkyRouter 3 stores a log of all Alerts generated by SkyRouter, this also includes the date/time that the alert was sent.

Click the Alert Log Tab to view the Alert Log, optionally; click the  button on the Alert Definitions page to see the Alert Log for a particular Asset.

Please note the following regarding the Alert Log:

  • Alerts with a ‘Pending’ Sent Date indicate that the Alert has not yet been sent.
  • Only the last 4 months of logs are accessible. If you require older information please contact support.
  • Not all logs contain the recipient, body, or subject information.