SkyRouter Training

How to use playback trips

Playback Trips

The Playback Trips feature can access specified historical Trips that were generated by your devices and display a ‘Playback’ video which plays through your devices trip(s) on the map. You can also export the trip data to Excel or CSV format.

To view the Playback Trips page, use Reports > Playback Trips.

View a Trip Playback

  1. Select a device from the drop-down menu.
  1. Enter the From and To times using the date/time pickers.
  1. Use the time zone drop-down menu to select local time or UTC time.
  2. If required check ‘Completed Trips Only’ checkbox.
  3. Click Run Report.
  4. From the result set; click ‘View Playback’ to launch the Playback (right).

NOTE: If no results are returned you will need to revise the ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates to include a timeframe where there are valid trips.

Playback Generator

The Playback Generator feature can access historical Report and Event data sent from your devices to SkyRouter and display a ‘Playback’.

  • Asset: A list of Assets to run Playback Reports on.
  • Start Date: The Start Date to retrieve Playback Report Data.
  • End Date: The End Date to retrieve Playback Report Data until.
  • Start & End is in UTC: Check this option to set your Start/End Dates as UTC time zone.
  • Start & End is in Local Time: Check this option to set your Start/End Dates as Local Time.
  • Generate Report: Generates the Playback Report with the specified parameters.

Create a Playback

  1. Select an asset
  2. Select a start date
  3. Select an end date
  4. If you entered a start date based on your local time select the box for local time.

NOTE: Be aware that you will be limited to 1000 reports and dates must be less than 2 weeks apart.