SkyRouter Training

How to view data usage and generate reports

The Report page is used to generate interactive reports on current and historical data; these reports can be viewed in your browser, or exported to a portable format.


Invoices are available for viewing for up to 12 months.  Click a link in the View PDF or View HTML columns to see an invoice in the respective format.  Please note that any invoices shown for the current month may not be final and may show estimated charges to date.

To generate or view an invoice, go to Manage > Invoice.

Invoice Usage

The Invoice Usage page provides capabilities to generate and view Reports on transactional voice and data usage from the current Invoice.

NOTE: Invoice Usage Reports are only available for the current months invoice(s).

SBD Usage

The SBD Invoice Usage report shows transactional SBD (short-burst data) device usage, data usage is quantified in Units.  Each transaction is displayed by IMEI number and Event Type.

A Unit is described as one transmission to/from the device (messages and other features are capable of using multiple units).  The Unit types are defined as follows:

  • Mobile Terminating (MT): Units sent from SkyRouter or other sources to the Device.
  • Mobile Originating (MO): Units sent from the Device to SkyRouter or other destinations.

Voice Usage

The Voice Invoice Usage report shows transactional call records, voice usage is quantified in Minutes.  Each unit is displayed by SIM Serial and MSISDN (phone number).

A Unit is described as one transmission to/from the device.

Archive Data Requests

Position Report data is available for up to 6 months in the live system, data older than 6 months is archived.  SkyRouter Administrators can request archived data retrieval by completing an Archive Data Request form (available at and submitting it to [email protected] (fee may apply for data retrieval.)

NOTE: Blue Sky Network will only accept applications which are submitted by the SkyRouter Administrator listed on the account.  A fee may apply for archived data retrieval.