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Image of building showing docking station features

Weather the Storm: Maintain Business Continuity with a Docking Station

The 2022 severe-weather season cost the U.S. economy over $170 billion in damages. This number is driven by two key factors: an increase in both the number, as well as the vulnerability level of, at-risk assets.

Enterprises without strong business continuity solutions risk losing access to essential functions, including internal and external communications, during and after a natural disaster. In times of crisis, are your operations prepared to withstand the storm?

Docking stations strategically enhance Iridium satellite phones by enabling them to operate inside a building, vehicle, or vessel. They help reduce downtime by providing direct and uninterrupted global communications throughout a severe-weather event.

These easy-to-integrate solutions can be utilized in two ways:

  1. Mounted as a permanent installation, or
  2. Installed with a removable handset for grab-and-go use

Some docking stations include Push-To-Talk (PTT) integration with analog office phones, enabling swift communication anywhere in the building in an emergency situation by simply pressing the phone’s pound key.

Each docking station comes with a purpose-built kit that includes components for enhanced security and connectivity. Other features include built-in charging, the ability to integrate with other solutions, and external antenna connections.

Storm-proof your operations this severe-weather season with a docking station from Blue Sky Network. Email us at [email protected] for more information or click here to shop all business continuity solutions.

Searching for something more portable? The Iridium GO! exec is a lightweight, compact solution that can operate from a mobile location with omni-directional connectivity, making it ideal for users needing communications on the go. Learn more here.