Advanced connectivity enabling instant team messaging, anytime and anywhere

Seamless global connectivity and effective communication solutions that provide integrated team messaging capabilities for enhanced collaboration, safety, and efficiency.

Securely communicate with confidence from any location on the planet

Whether your operation is mixed and complex, crewed or autonomous, or global or local, our comprehensive mobile connectivity solutions offer advanced and secure messaging capabilities to help team members maintain critical communications and real-time situational awareness, even in the most remote environments.

The future of remote team communications

Message optimization and prioritization

Blue Sky Network’s ATAK solutions filter and direct various types of messaging protocols at both hardware- and server-side to ensure optimized processing and message interaction.

Communications in the most adverse conditions

Iridium’s weather- and altitude-resilient satellite system enables reliable, two-way communications, even when other infrastructures fail.

Total visibility and coverage

Cloud-based monitoring and configuration portal offers total visibility and advanced connectivity to enhance collaborative efforts and communicate with personnel, like never before.

Worldwide connectivity solutions driving real-time insights

Small-form, multi-stack hardware and customizable, cloud-based platforms offer reliable connectivity that enables real-time, two-way messaging.

Discover the SkyLink Advantage

SkyLink’s proprietary device- and server-side features are specifically designed to support the complex communication and coordination needs of integrated teams and multi-jurisdictional responders. Contact Blue Sky Network to learn more about our SkyLink solution, and demo how our services can solve your team messaging challenges.

Global connectivity solutions engineered for your industry

We understand, first hand, the importance of reliable, high-quality connectivity that enables instant team messaging, even in the most remote areas of the globe. Our customized and easy to configure solutions enable integrated teams to seamlessly communicate, no matter the operation.

Government and military

Swiftly coordinate mission logistics, communicate with warfighters on the battlefield, and gain real-time situational awareness for enhanced protection of your nation’s interests.

First Responders

Coordinate efforts during emergency situations and get live insights on assets in the field for more strategic decision making and enhanced team safety.

Disaster Relief

Reliably communicate with emergency management teams, even when other infrastructures fail, quickly determine where to deploy resources, and provide greater relief to local communities and surrounding areas.

Business Continuity

Maintain vital internal and external communications when a crisis occurs, enabling optimized emergency planning, security protocols, and recovery measures.


Ensure worker safety and monitor equipment health, in the mine and at the mill, with instant team messaging.

Oil and gas

Easily share important project, weather, and safety insights from remote personnel, whether your operation is on land or offshore.

See SkyLink in Action

Our dual-mode SkyLink solution for land, IoT, maritime, and aviation is designed for any fixed-mount, portable, or mobile application, and delivers comprehensive connectivity and asset visibility to meet your exact two-way communication need.