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American Aerospace Selects Blue Sky Network’s SkyLink Solution for Testing & Integration on the AiRanger™ UAS

Blue Sky Network’s SkyLink to Demonstrate C2 and BVLOS Capabilities for Long-Endurance Operations

SkyLink by Blue Sky Network is a dual-mode system, leveraging the Iridium® Certus® service and local GSM/LTE networks for continuous, pole-to-pole coverage. The SkyLink is a small-form, low SWAP solution delivering end-to-end sensor reporting, two-way messaging, asset utilization, and IoT/M2M monitoring. The device displays versatility in both manned and unmanned airborne applications, including command and control (C2) and Iridium’s Global Line of SightSM for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) performance.

“We look forward to partnering with AATI to develop safer, faster, and more accurate airborne missions,” stated Jason Hicks, VP of Business Development at Blue Sky Network. “AATI’s AiRanger UAS is transforming the way infrastructure inspections and aerial surveillance are performed. With SkyLink’s C2 and BVLOS capabilities and the AiRanger’s impeccable design and embedded technology, the possibilities are endless.”

“The use of Blue Sky’s SkyLink UAS SATCOM solution is a key enabler for scaling operations using BVLOS in the NAS,” stated Ali Etebari, VP of Engineering and GM at AAISR (a division of AATI). “AATI is eager to demonstrate this solution, providing untethered, long-range, long-endurance mission capabilities with remote pilot capabilities. A robust network for C2 is critical for safe operations and effective commercialization of the AiRanger solution for pipeline and infrastructure inspections as part of our Type Certification with the FAA.”

Pre-orders for SkyLink began June 15, 2021, with hardware distribution planned for September 2021. All pre-orders are eligible for early access to the SkyLink Cloud Services portal, live testing data, and training materials. For more information on the SkyLink solution, visit


Since its founding in 2001, Blue Sky Network has been a partner of choice to track, manage, and optimize high value-assets in real-time anywhere in the world for improved safety, reliability, and operational efficiency. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California, with over 450 customers and dealers in more than 50 countries.

Blue Sky Network holds ANATEL certification and maintains additional offices in São Paulo, Brazil, and Scottsdale, AZ. For more information about Blue Sky Network products and services, visit or call +1 858-551-3894.

Blue Sky Network is an Iridium service provider and value-added manufacturing partner.



American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (AATI) is an industry-leading provider of airborne intelligence and communications systems and solutions for the energy sector, other critical infrastructure operators, and emergency response. American Aerospace ISR (AA ISR) manufactures the AiRangerTM Group 3 UAS and is committed to the design, development, and commercial certification of BVLOS UAS. AATI’s Airborne Systems Group™ (ASG) is the OEM provider of the AI/ML-enabled InstiMapsTM near real-time mapping and threat detection solutions for infrastructure damage prevention and emergency response. SkyScape Industries performs industrial inspection missions using EO/IR, LiDAR, and the Oil Spill Control and Response OSCAR™ drone.


Ashley Wakeland
Blue Sky Network
+1 858-551-3894
[email protected]

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