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Blue Sky Network Launches First Secure Docking Station for Iridium 9575A Satellite Phone to Government Markets

Blue Sky Network Launches First Secure Docking Station for Iridium 9575A Satellite Phone to Government Markets


Iridium 9575A Docking Station


SAN DIEGO — July 17, 2020. — Blue Sky Network, an Iridium Satellite Communications partner, has officially announced the release of the 9575A Docking Station, the first and only secure docking station for the Iridium 9575A satellite phone. The Iridium 9575A satellite phone is the only commercial handset that is capable of Type I encryption accredited by the U.S. National Security Agency for Top Secret voice communications and is replacing the now-obsolete Iridium 9505A satellite phone.

Blue Sky Network’s 9575A Docking Station, the successor to the ASE-MC03-DOD dock for the 9505A, is the only commercially available docking station that supports the 9575A satellite phone handset. The 9575A is an ideal secure satellite communications solution for military and/or government operations for use anywhere in the world. The 9575A Docking Station supports General Dynamics’ DOD security module 2 and Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services (EMSS) for global voice, data, and paging capabilities.

The Iridium Security Module 2 (ISM2) is a sleek, small form factor encryption module that provides NSA Certified protection of classified voice and data communications. The module is covert as it fits completely inside the Iridium 9575A handset and provides end-to-end security for information classified Top Secret and below. The docking station also enables seamless integration into existing Plain Ordinary Telephone Service (POTS) systems. Its small form factor and operator-friendly wall mounting make for smooth incorporation into everyday operations.

Blue Sky Network also offers a military-grade grab-and-go communications kit, aptly deemed the 9575A TOC BOX. The 9575A TOC BOX includes the 9575A Docking Station, external antenna, and a digital privacy handset in a ruggedized case for secure communications in remote, austere environments.

“Growing up in a military family, I learned the importance of safe and secure communications and the critical impact to military operations” said Nick Tucky, Blue Sky Network’s Vice President of Sales. “It’s been an honor supporting the U.S. military and federal agencies’ communications needs both CONUS and OCONUS.”

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