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A Closer Look at Global Traveler

A Closer Look at Global Traveler

Global Traveler App

The Global Traveler app from Blue Sky Network is an efficient way for organizations to communicate with remote teams. This convenient, low-cost communication tool is Blue Sky Network’s first smartphone application designed exclusively for use in remote areas within cellular range.

So how does this differ from cellular group messaging or texting?

The difference is SkyRouter. The Global Traveler app works directly with SkyRouter, Blue Sky Network’s powerful cloud-based fleet tracking, and communication platform. SkyRouter provides functionality that goes beyond simple two-way messaging, enabling real-time location tracking, area-specific updates, emergency information, and the ability for field workers to periodically ‘check-in.’
With the Global Traveler app enabled on each worker’s smartphone, operations controllers can view the location of their team in real-time, and on a layered map. Operators can also send messages to each worker either individually or in bulk.

For area-specific updates, boundaries may be set on a map for unique areas of importance, and area-related information may be entered into the system. The information entered may only be accessed by those physically located within the set boundaries. Area-specific information may include warnings, job updates, and/or contact details for other people who are within that area of operations.

With the Global Traveler app, field workers not only have access to messages and nearby contacts, but also a quick-access slide button for immediate emergencies. Upon activation, the app will present one-touch emergency contacts located in that area. It will also send an alert event to the operational command center.

Finally, field workers can send authenticated ‘check-ins’ from the app. This easy access Check-In button allows workers to update their operations team and share location details directly to SkyRouter. Entering a unique user PIN prior to send adds a layer of reassurance for the safety and security of each crew member.

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Available for both iOS and Android devices.

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