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SkyRouter Command Center

SkyRouter is Blue Sky Network’s cloud-based mapping solution that provides tracking, remote communications and fleet management of global assets from any internet-connected device.

SkyRouter communicates with Blue Sky Network hardware deployed on assets in the field to provide a secure website interface that displays geolocation positions on a number of user-defined basemaps. SkyRouter also handles two way message traffic, events, alerts and telematic data. SkyRouter allows fleet network managers to monitor, interact, control and communicate with vessels and assets in near real-time, wherever they may be globally.

laptop with a mapping application on the screen

Key Features

Real-time tracking & mapping

Unlimited password-required users

Innovative map overlays

Customizable Geofences

Global two-way messaging

Automatic e-mail and SMS alerts

Automatic report generation

Historical trips archive

Single or multi-screen views

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SkyRouter In Action

SkyRouter is a cloud-based web portal that provides tracking, communication and management of globally dispersed fleets of aircraft, vessels, vehicles and personnel.

Designed specifically to leverage the power of the Iridium satellite network, Blue Sky Network satellite tracking solutions provide mission-critical functionality without the need for substantial investment in new hardware or software. A full portfolio of handheld, portable and installed devices is available to meet the needs of any fleet deployment or application. And each device is SkyRouter-compatible, allowing you to choose the right solution for your business or personal need.

Handheld and portable devices support both vehicle and personnel tracking, with grab-and-go functionality and true portability. Installed devices, including FAA-certified aviation products for vessel tracking, can be installed in traditional electronics bays or in the case of land/mobile vehicles, in out-of-sight locations for safety or environmental protection. Additional users can be added directly from SkyRouter, giving family members or business teams secure access and tracking information about specific field assets, including sophisticated mapping and communication options.

computer with a map on the screen
an ipad with a map on the screen. shows helicopter, airplane, car, boats being tracked.

SkyRouter is the central command center – providing high-speed communication and tracking with numerous field devices simultaneously and securely.  Communication options include voice, two-way messaging, email and emergency notifications. Advanced features such as custom geo-fencing, custom mapping, two-way messaging, trip archiving, custom reports,  and historical replays provide fleet managers the power to truly manage their fleets.

SkyRouter’s  custom geo-fencing capabilities allow fleet managers to set specific trip corridors, restricted areas, arrival and departure points, even custom shaped zones – and all can be configured to generate on-board alarms and automatic communications to key personnel through emails . Aviation solutions can generate alerts/communications based on altitude and airspeed, while land-based devices can configure alerts for heavy braking, prolonged idling, speeding or low fuel. Whether your need is for managing fleets of aircraft, vessels, land vehicles or personnel in the field, the ease-of-use and extreme capabilities make SkyRouter the most powerful, and capable cloud-based command center available today.

Mobile Tracking App for SkyRouter

The SkyRouter App is available for all iOS mobile devices and allows any authorized user with an internet connection to connect to SkyRouter and monitor/manage their fleet assets from their smartphone or tablet.

In the event of an alert, the SkyRouter App instantly allows you to see more information about your assets in the field, and to communicate to your team while out of the office.

apple app store image         

hand holding a tablet with a map on the screen

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