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Small Business, Global Solutions, US-Made

Small Business, Global Solutions, US-Made

Blue Sky Network Office
Blue Sky Network’s San Diego, CA Office

To strengthen the Buy American Act (BAA), the Executive Administration is requiring select US government agencies to take a closer look at the country of origin for products and services. New orders are to take place as the BAA becomes one of President Biden’s top priorities in his first full week in office.

According to his “Made in America” article, the President suggests that exemptions and purchasing waivers may be more difficult to obtain under new mandate. An increased emphasis on American small-medium business manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution is expected.1

Our Commitment to You

As a small business based in the United States, Blue Sky Network is proud to provide service to private, commercial and government entities. Our aviation, land-based and maritime satellite solutions are manufactured and distributed within our AS9100-certified San Diego, CA, and Scottsdale, AZ facilities.

The Blue Sky Network team leads with a global mindset. Our associates and partners specialize in land, air and sea applications facing the most extreme climate and terrain conditions. Our team delivers on quality communication and fleet management solutions for any operation, in any location, worldwide.

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