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SkyRouter for Fleet Management

SkyRouter from Blue Sky Network is a fleet management solution that tracks and monitors assets operating anywhere in the world. This customizable cloud-based software provides a secure web interface to display and communicate mission-critical data.

Equipped with many advanced features, SkyRouter enhances safety, security, and operational efficiency. Its capabilities include two-way messaging, telematics data, geofencing, smart events and smart alerts.

SkyRouter operates seamlessly on a mobile, tablet, or cloud-based application and on a PC. It scales up to a sizable format for operation center screens and scales down to mobile format for smart devices. User account access can also be scaled up or down – from a single user to a large organization.

Functioning as both a single-page app and a progressive web app, SkyRouter is fast and reliable. Round trip time from the asset to the operations center is as quick as 4 seconds. The server is always connected and it uses push technologies to ensure everything is synced.

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