SkyLink 6100

Cost-Effective Voice & Data to Anywhere on the Planet

Maritime Voice and IP Data Solution

A versatile dual-mode solution for maritime voice and data.


Access the web, send email, and share media through secure networks.



Record and transmit data from remote or inaccessible areas.


Remote Monitoring

Send critical hardware and site data to the command center.


Dual-Mode Operation

Automatic satellite and cellular operation with least cost routing.

Blue Sky Network Delivers Global High-Speed Satellite Connectivity With Iridium Certus

SkyLink Image

SkyLink 6100 by Blue Sky Network delivers next-generation satellite and cellular connectivity to support maritime voice, data, telemetry, and monitoring operations, anywhere in the world. This cost-effective and versatile communications terminal is powered by Iridium Certus®, the world’s leading L-band mobile satellite service.

As a certified Iridium Connected® product, SkyLink 6100 is designed for operational efficiency, safety, and continuous coverage. Its lightweight, low SWAP design allows for easy installation in both manned and unmanned vessels. Use this device as a real-time communications and telematics platform for mission-critical updates to and from vessels and offshore sites.

  • Dual-mode connectivity
  • Out-of-Band (OOB) management
  • Internet/VPN
  • Email & media sharing
  • Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)
  • Two HD voice lines
  • Satellite AIS datalink
  • Telemetry offload
  • SIP for PABX
  • Long-life backup battery
SkyLink Cloud Services offers a performance-driven data management solution for remote, mobile, and global operations


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Portability Options

Battery Pack 400px


Mount to the Data Gateway for ultimate
portability, or use for back-up power.

TOC Box 400px


The complete Certus 100 on-the-go
communications in a ruggedized case

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